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Wyverns Fighting

Original Available: No
Guide Price:
Size: 9.5 x 12.5 inches (24 X 32cm)
Key Colours: Cerulean Blue and Cadmium Red
Art Form: Painting
Medium: Acrylic
SOLD - In Private Collection
Danny the Woodpecker

Wyverns Fighting is a dramatic painting of a pair of Dragons engaged in fierce battle. A diagonal angle is used to create a sense of drama and movement to the scene. Because of the view is at an odd angle it feels disorienting and as if you are whirling through the air with the Wyverns.

The colours of the two Wyverns are red and green, complimentary opposites which contrast dramatically. This is especially clear where the red wyvern’s claws have torn through the green wyvern’s wing. There is obviously more difference between the two dragons than just the colours as you can see differences in their horns, ears and tails indicating they are different species or breeds. Land masses indicate where the creatures may live.

Wyverns are distinguished from ordinary dragons by possessing only two legs instead of four (western) or none (eastern). The fire-breathing variety are sometimes called ‘Fire Drakes’ however they are usually deemed inferior and less intelligent than the true dragon. The sea-wyvern variant has a fish tail instead of the barbed dragon tail. Perhaps the green Wyvern in the painting is a Sea Wyvern?

It was inspired by two seagulls I observed fighting over a scrap of food. Yes, their battle was absolutely vicious, and (in case you are interested) the underdog won. With a little imagination I transformed the seagulls into mighty Wyverns fighting over which shall feast on the crew of the ship you can see in the background. There is also a seagull painted – homage to the original inspiration.

Danny the Woodpecker

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