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Original Available: No
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Size: A3 (42 x 29.7cm or 16.5 x 11.7 inches)
Key Colours: Yellow, Yellow Ocre, and Raw Umber
Art Form: Drawing / Illustration
Medium: Coloured Pencil
Private collection
Guinea Pigs
Danny the Woodpecker

Rosie is a cross between a Border Terrier and a Jack Russell. As such she looks a lot like a Border Terrier, but with a softer, fluffier coat and longer nose. Her ears are permanently ‘mid mast’ more like the Jack Russell.
Rosie is very playful and loves her toys! This is a moment was captured with her teddy. She is being very good and ‘asking’ to play by looking up with her puppy-dog eyes and nudging the teddy bear with her feet to invite you to pick it up. Rest assured that after asking so politely she was rewarded with play. Good dog!
I created this piece as a Birthday Gift using colored pencils. The Yellow paper picks up on the golden tones in her coat.

Guinea Pigs
Danny the Woodpecker

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