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Men An Tol

Original Available: No
Guide Price: £0.00
Size: A3 (42 x 29.7cm or 16.5 x 11.7 inches)
Key Colours: Cobalt Blue and Process Magenta
Art Form: Painting
Medium: Watercolour
In Private Collection, prints available
Wells Beach Huts

Men An Tol is a watercolour painting of the standing stone in Cornwall. It’s name literally translates to ‘holed stone.’ It is believed to be a significant megalithic monument but the reasons why remain a mystery. It has been suggested that it might be part of a burial chamber. The stones have been recorded in different positions throughout history and they may have once formed a stone circle. Today the layout of the Men An Tol is very much as you see it in this painting with on central circular stone with two uprights on either side, and one more laying recumbent on the ground. Scientists who have studied the site have fond more stones lying beneath the earth. Although the Men-an-Tol is considered to be Bronze Age no extensive excavations have ever taken place.

There is a great deal of Folk Tales associated with the Men An Tol and it is believed to be able to heal. It was supposed to be able to cure a child of rickets by passing them through the hole of the stone, likewise a bad back, gaining it the name of the ‘Crick’ Stone. In addition it was said to protect against witchcraft, but also be an aid to augury.

This painting of the Men An Tol was inspired by Charles De Lint’s Novel ‘The Little Country.’ It is a fantasy novel set in Cornwall and the stone plays a major role as a magical portal.

Wells Beach Huts

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