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Amy Letts is a freelance artist, illustrator and web designer. Her work consists mainly of Fantasy, Landscape and Figurative work. She took her first commission in 1998 and began to work professionally in 2003. She has a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art from Oxford Brookes University, England.

Her work is inspired by nature, mythology and a rather irate Muse called Daeken. She is fascinated by the concept of humanity and her work usually explores some aspect of it, probing the boundaries between perception and reality. She is also influenced by the Romantics, Expressionists and Surrealists along with a range of modern celtic and fantasy artists. Her work seeks to explore, journey and discover new possibilities in both the lands of the probable and improbable.

She is constantly excited by the creative proccess and eager to learn and experiment with new skills. She has studied theatre, dance and creative writing; textiles, sculpture and ceramics; photography, drawing and painting. She has recently become interested in animation and film-making. She believes every work of art is individual and has it’s own demands. Her usual media include pencil, charcoal, pen & ink, pastels, watercolour, acrylic, oils, clay and natural materials.

In addition to painting at uncivilised hours Amy plays FRP games, watches Star Trek and is a notorious bookworm. She is a hippy, somewhat excentric and has reclusive tendances. She believes that faeries keep stealing her pencils.

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  1. edward August 5, 2016

    you have great talent very beautiful and delicate creative have vast potential.

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