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Raven Spirit

Splinters & Shards

Raven Spirit is an acrylic painting based on the American Indian myth of Raven. The story goes that a mean cheif was hoarding the only source of light (the sun), and, since Raven was tired of flying around in the dark, he conceived to steal it. The chief had a beautiful daughter whom he loved very much, so Raven (a shapeshifter) turned into a cedar leaf which floated down and landed in her drink, which she then swallowed. Much ro everyones suprise she became pregnant. When the baby was born the Cheif doted on it and gave it everything it wanted, until one day it would not stop crying. The Chief tryed eveything he could think of, and offered the child all kinds of things to play with, but it still cried. Finally he unlocked the box that contained the Sun. No sooner had he done this than Raven turned back into himself, seized the sun and flew away. Now Raven’s feathers were originally white, but as he carried the sun the soot from it turned his feathers black and they stayed that way forever, even to this day. Raven hung the sun up in the sky thus giving light to the whole world.

Raven Spirit depicts Raven carrying the sun and his feathers turning from white to black. He holds the sun in his long beak and it shines brightly, bringing the first dawn. Raven’s eyes reflect the orange glow. You can see every detail of his feathers and a subtle gradiation from light to dark, the blackness of his feathers contrasting against the brightness of the sun, and his white feathers standing out against the receading darkness.

The Raven has many stories associated with it and is an American Indian Animal Totem or Spirit Guide. It is said not to come to those who are seeking wisdom but those who have it already. The Raven Spirit is known as a Secret Keeper because of it’s behaviour – it will stand, seem to listen, and then fly away. Ravens can make a variety of sounds and even imitate human speech. Because of this, and the way their feathers reflect colours when the light shines on them, they are believed to be able to transform; to be shape-shifters. When seen in dreams Raven Spirit is an omen of change.

Key Colours: Cadmium, orange, French Ultramarine, Black

Medium: Acrylic

Guide Price: £70; All offers considered


Splinters & Shards

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