The Art of Amy Letts

Emily Wyrmkind (Dragon Child)

Original Available: Yes
Guide Price: £85.00
Size: A3 (42 x 29.7cm or 16.5 x 11.7 inches)
Key Colours: Green, Orange, and Ultramarine Violet
Art Form: Drawing / Illustration
Medium: Oil Pastel
Cley Windmill, Norfolk

Emily Wyrmkind was part of an Art Exchange with Emily Carding, a fellow UK artist specialising in Faerie and the Otherworld. It is a fantasy portrait portraying her as a Dragon Lady (Wyrm being another word for Dragon and ‘kind’ meaning child, so the title literally translates to ‘Emily Dragon-Child.’) She has wings, pointed ears and is wearing an outfit made of Dragonscale. She is looking down at a pair of cute baby Dragons, who are responding to her affectionately. One is leaning it’s head on her shoulder whilst the other is being petted.

The picture is drawn in Oil Pastels, which are often mistaken for Oil Paints because of the quality of their colour. Emily Wyrmkind is a very vibrant piece; the baby dragon in the foreground has bright orange scales whilst the other is a brilliant green. Emily herself is clothed in a bluish-purple scale outfit. I seems to change hue as the light reflects off it. They are all surrounded by a colourful background of autumn leaves.

The idea of the ‘Wyrmkind’ comes from a short story the artist, Amy Letts, wrote when she was young. It was a fantasy story in which humans worshipped Dragons religiously and sacrificed one child from every family to them. However the Dragons did not eat the children as might be expected, but adopted and raised them alongside their offspring. Because Dragons are magical creatures living in close proximity to them caused dragon-like abilities to be developed by the Wyrmkind. When fully grown they became envoys of the Dragons, their way of communicating their wishes to the people, their voice. This was a very important role so Wyrmkind were deeply respected.

Cley Windmill, Norfolk

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