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Wyverns Fighting
Men An Tol

Asrai is a watercolour painting of a Faerie with her arms outstreached and a halo of leaf-like wings spread out majestically behind her. Above her is a round, celtic design standing out starkly against the dark background, sybolising the moon. The fairy herself is pale like the moon, almost monochrome. She is standing on a pedistal decorated with celtic designs mirroring the one in the sky, which is mostly submerged by water. The faery is staring at the veiwer challengingly. She has a shawl hanging between her arms and a long dress which flows down into the water. Behind her the horizon is tinged with red; the beginning of dawn.

Asrai is inspired by faery folklore and legends. An asrai is a type of water faery, lythe and beautiful which men are said to instantly want to possess. Their touch is said to chill and the spot will never be warm again. If touched by sunlight an asrai faery turns into water. in the painting Asrai you can see that dawn is coming, days first light hitting the faerie; the way her dress flows into the water suggests she is mid-transformation, but she is accepting, almost eager for the transformation.

Key Colours: Cerulean, Sap Green

Medium: Watercolour

Guide Price: £65; All offers considered

Wyverns Fighting
Men An Tol
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